RBC_YouTube_iPhone_Aug11_01.png RBC_YouTubeChannel_SIte_Aug11_01.png RBC_ENYouTubeOneChannel_2540x1440_Tiff.jpg RBC_YouTubeOneChannel_2540x1440_City.jpg RBCi_YouTube_Redesign_Jun10_BusyWorld-01.jpg RBC_ENYouTubeOneChannel_2540x1440_Swim.jpg RBC_ENYouTubeOneChannel_2540x1440_Kite.jpg

RBC You Tube Channel

RBC’s adoption of You Tube’s ‘one channel’ format. The successful image(s) would not only tell a story, but be employed on all formats: TV, iPad, desktop (wide) desktop (standard) and mobile. The amount of the image that shows at one time is dependant on the format. These are the chosen images. All illustration is custom, with a look that not only fit in with ‘Arbie’ but was also conducive of the tone that was identifiably RBC.

Client: RBC Kind: Web, illustration